Lucy Pinker

The Passionate Kiss

As she stood in the alcove, watching the rain go down she saw a familiar figure. Tall and hunched against the rain he joined her. ‘Hi’ he said flashing her a grin.
‘Hi’ she whispered, her voice lost to the sound of the rain. They stood in silence for a while, thoughts ran through her head in a continuous argument with herself. ‘Just talk to him. It won’t hurt. Comment on the weather. Make a joke. What’s the worst that can happen?’ ‘But what if he laughs?’ replied the other voice. But the first was the loudest and drowning out the second, filling her with determination
‘You know this rain sucks’ she said. Not the most amazing start, but it was something. She felt the colour rush to her cheeks. Why? Why did this have to happen now?
‘You know it’s not so bad’ the boy smiled. He turned to face her, ‘I know it seems bad but it can be amazing.’
‘But how? It’s rain. All it does is soak you to the skin’. The boy looked at her again, seemingly thinking before laughing as he apparently came to a decision.
‘Come with me’ he said holding out his hand. The girls heart raced and next thing she knew he was pulling her out into the freezing cold rain, laughing. The girl caught her breath and spun on the spot and grabbed at him, pulling them closer together. She looked into his eyes as they stood nose to nose, before suddenly kissing him passionately on the mouth. His lips met hers and together they stood in the freezing cold rain, their lips slowly beginning to part as they shared the passionate kiss.


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Publicado en el 11.06.2012.


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