Tilman Otto Wagner


Sci-fi Essay

Affections troughout sensational fragments of seconds beyond ratio
for the monetary system still achieves attention for so much truth;
Shouting and screaming like a salty cake for months, thus
certain people seem to have lost credibility in front of PATRITIO.
Whatever occurs in between seconds – my forsaken visions and
unsorrowed intentions prove to be correct more and more each
single day. Why do I pray? Mindless without clothes and clocks.
Clerks and jerks look at me in a peculiar way.
Hallowed names and cryptic refugee inside my broken heart
beating clockwise for tart and dart and … Planet Mars
in a dusty season – 4th approach from EARTH. If only
I could have a rocket ship to unchain my love ship
for the endless FRAGILE DISASTERS?! Lenovo is at
my front desk, helping out in difficult times. Does it
need energy, electricity and connections around? Yes.
Nedless to say why – minding my own business – I declare
my home town, SIBIU CITY, an eliberated city; free from bad bats and
sour souls. What? Why Who?
None ships things for giving at ways – GEESCH!
Mine is solitude at medium attitude. Liquid motion through the air in city Vienna.
Broken circuit inside “lenovo”. Holy believe, don’t forsake.
Destiny at more than perfect condition. Isms redundant furthermore.
Provocative an. Double the name, my friend. Lady AT deep over the clouds for ages.
Mine is that perfective creation without regrets or. Proud and gutfull
my pure intentions. Loyal truth in the glimpse of my eyesight.
Loving, swimming, dancing, achieving respect, writing, drinking
water and wine (VERITAS), running, spelling, protecting, affecting, reading, listening,
trusting, feeling, reckoning, breathing. LOVE!
Wake up, world! Wake up, truth! Wake up, fairness! FAIR ENOUGH. Gadget 21.
Most of all, sometimes my drunken awareness is good and only sober. Pealed off.
Music videos are good for focusing on daily tasks such as protecting my body
from negative energies. HEALTHY MIND. Recollecting those thrown away things
in the refusecans of Austria, Hungary and Romania. STOP!
All belongings given away. All clothes thrown away. All possessions gone.
Free mind. Free soul. Free spirit. Free body. Free radicals. Free desire. VOW.
DNA restructured codes … approaching … INFORMATION, INFORMATION. Am I
interested to find out about the world’s lies and moneypulations?! Well, …
Fantastic fun for free. Fraud obviously. Friction fertile. Free feelings.
Sibiu City, Romania



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