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One day she felt like going out and move a little. So she went above the street towards the kiosk but changed her mind and deep in thoughts she went down the street towards the river. Walking by the calm water on the ocher sand, she kept on dreaming. She was not conscious of the majestic alder spending shadow to the chicken nesting in the reed that scolded at her. Of the trout jumping for a fly she got aware when a gentle man asked her wether she saw it. Yes, she said and hand in hand they went home. Sitting on the terrace they were conversing gently and chillingly shaded by some apple trees. Some bees humbled around together with busy flies. An apple drop to the ground, making a dull sound. Somewhere in the stuffy heat you could hear a train. The train came closer and got louder. It stroke her in a second. "I don't mind you bringing a fuckfriend either!" she heard a shout and got for a third time hit hard. She passed back out.


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