Marc Backhaus

The Bird

A bird sat on my arm and tilted its

curious head as I was eating, no, devouring cheesy bits

it suddenly thrust its whole self forward

and pecked at a piece

narrowly missing my finger.

I cried in awe of the arrogance, self-determination

& regardlessness towards the dominant species

so I wondered should I just linger

or give it a piece of my mind?

Instead I gave it a cheesy bit.

And that was it.


A few days later it came again unto my arm

I had already been

quite anticipating

the moment with a full bowl of cheesy bits

specially crafted for sparrows

living in city centre outskirts.


It thanked me with a peck

into my left wrist

deep enough to touch my soul

I love you, I said.

Cheep, it said.


Every day I keep a bowl specially crafted for sparrows

on my balcony, filled with cheesy bits

sometimes it prefers peanuts

but it always tilts its head

as it sits on my arm and loves me.


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Marc Backhaus.
Publicado en el 13.11.2012.


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