Oliver Baum

Candidate for the King's New Queen

I got to know her
when our year was old,
the method was fair
but I could not get hold of her,
She is so cute and sweet,
especially I like her golden hair and green eyes,
she might give me, I am sure, what I need,
however, I do not know if I can pay the price
this time
like a false and bloody rime,
But there is something
that leaves me alone,
there is only one wing
that is ready to be shown,
Because I lost love
and was deeply hurt
because I have too many problems
and cannot feel her sweet breath lilke sunshine in lonely winter nights,
She has no trust in new men
because she was forsaken by her husband,
I do not have trust in women
because I loved in another land
lost in the core,
She has too much responsiblity,
I have too many problems,
who knows ability,
after all, she is my personal diamond whatever happens,
I know she is the one and only, my future spouse,
she gives me fire during these dark and lonely days,
but does she know or is she ready for these adventourous ways?
she does not know it yet, but she is already what I get, a component of my house...


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