Benjamin Tamboer

To a Moth - song by the fire (lyrics)

Behold the earth beneath your wings
For what it's worth, you precious thing
'Cause when the Sun decides to set
You'll change into my willing pet

You dance, since that's what you do best
A private show, you never rest
The hours push excitement high
And you forget that you will die

You'll dance and whirl, my little baby
In trance you'll twirl, and then I'll maybe
Give you and extra hour to
Live before I'll devour you 

Come on closer, watch my face
You have longed for my embrace
Since we first stood eye to eye
You have known that you would die

Remind the sky, the laughing sun
The playing children having fun
'Cause now it's dark, just for the Moon
But you'll forget about it soon

You'll dance and whirl, my precious baby
In trance, you'll twirl and then I'll maybe
Dance with you a little more
Before I'll open up Hell's door
Copyright 2005, Benjamin Tamboer


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Benjamin Tamboer.
Publicado en el 08.12.2005.


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