Ingrid E. Patrick

Farewell Ron Willemse

He was a dear friend.
Many hours we have spent
listening to radio shows,
talking about friends who are close,
about the family,
about lovely things we see.

On facebook he posted platters
of food his wife prepared,
told me how much Anita matters,
danced with me to the songs we aired.
He had fun and joked around,
shared the guitar sound
of his 14-year old son
who had won
lots of praise on stage,
at this early age.

He was from The Netherlands,
had a lot of friends,
supported the CS Riders,
the child abuse fighters,
grabbed me by the hand
to visit the Terry White Band.

And now, my dear friend Ron
has gone.

Although he is out of my sight,
I will think of him every night.
When the music is playing,
I know he is staying.
For me he will always be
part of every happy melody.

© Patty Patrick
Radio St. Florian am Inn, Austria


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Ingrid E. Patrick.
Publicado en el 02.06.2013.


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