Rufus Murry Jr

Mama I,m Coming Home

6/30/2013                                                                                                                                                                                            Writen By; Mr. Rufus M.J
                                                            To be born in  world where sinners survive, and the good die, it is a journey
                                                            of hurt and pain, that we are brought into, to feel as though,to feel as though
                                                            we have died from  one world , and we open ours to another.  To try to look
                                                            back, to see that world.  Why our we not allowed to see where we came from
                                                            and where wwee are headed.
                                                            To love the land and the skies,above, the promise of peace of mind, in and be
                                                            we get to thee heavens, we slave with that motivating though in mind, as we c
                                                            heerished, mother earth.  Or was it a young a young mans fantasy?
                                                            The  time that the reality,of this world,this time, this place,it,s restiction on any
                                                            level reveals a Truth. We are still in time,s of Old, the early Ages of inmature
                                                            relations.  As I have slaved with mother earth until now, my bak has no bone.
                                                            So now a aseed sewed back into mother earth, I wait to be nurtured again back
                                                            to health, back to life, back into the world.  How many time,s doe,s a man die
                                                            off and be reborn again ?
                                                            How many times, I have asked that.  " That depends on the man and his up bring
                                                                     So which growth developes faster that seed, that lies on the concrete or
                                                                     that seed that lies in the soil.
                                                                    Written By; Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.



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Publicado en el 01.07.2013.


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