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The story of my life, Part 1 of 8

Eve and Jenny were two identical twins, and, being twins, they were very close. But they were two different people even if they shared the same looks. They had fair white skin, jet black, shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes, and they both shared a great figure -- a large bust and back side on a thin frame. They both weighed 112 lbs but were still very different. Jenny was a member of the popular crowd; she had a great social life, always going out to parties with her friends, and she had a large list of the most attractive ex boyfriends the school had to offer. She was popular, and she loved her life, even if she wasn't doing so well at her schoolwork.

Eve, on the other hand, was the opposite; she didn't really have any friends to speak of at school, as she didn't really have time for friendship since she mainly focussed on getting good grades and getting into a great college. She spent her free time studying at home or in the library, and when she wasn't studying she was at home watching TV or on the Internet. She had no social life to speak of, but at least she was doing well at school.

They used to be very similar; they used to be dressed the same way by their parents. They used to go everywhere together and tell each other everything. But over time as they got more independent, they started to dress differently, and as they hit senior school they met more people and grew apart. They were still very close, and Jenny would often spend spare time with her sister chatting and bonding, but things weren't that good between them. Jenny wasn't very good at school and with her hectic social life she couldn't do her schoolwork, so she often tried to palm it off on Eve, who wasn't doing anything Ever. Jenny, having to go out a lot and look attractive at parties, often stole clothes off her sister who wore the same size in everything.

When they returned to school after Christmas break, Eve was at the end of her tether. She was stressed as she had to study hard for her exams and her sister was really annoying her, taking the clothes she planed to wear and dumping more and more work on her; she was also bragging about her personal life and putting Eve down about not having one. Eve wanted to get her somehow and make her suffer. She was on the Internet the night before school started; Jenny was out at some party. She entered "revenge" into a search engine and looked through many pages with ideas that weren't right or just outrageous. She came across something called 'Mom's Revenge.'

She started to read the text -- it was a story about a mom who'd fattened up her outrageous flirt of a daughter until she was real fat, and had to go back to school and get embarrassed by all of her friends. Eve went to the home page of the story she just read and found many, many stories like that one. She started to read a few of them, and she knew she had her revenge all lined up. She started to plan it, and she would start tonight.

The girls had a door to each other's room; this is how Jenny managed to steal Eve's clothes so easily. Eve continued to plan until she heard Jenny come in a drunken stupor; she waited a few minutes before going down stairs and collecting a stick of butter out of the fridge and a knife. She then crept into her room and saw her sister was unconscious; she also saw Jenny was wearing her top -- which just made her more determined to fatten her up. She sat right next to her and started to cut thin strips of butter off and put them into her mouth. Jenny swallowed in her sleep. Eve smiled at this as she carried on and slowly but surely worked her way through the whole stick. When she was done, she wiped Jenny's mouth and went to bed with a big smile on her face.

The next morning Eve woke up early and made a big breakfast for the whole family; she knew Jenny would be the last down so she would have to eat what was left and Eve made sure there would be lots left over.

"Hey, morning, Eve, what smells so good?" Jenny inquired.

"I decided to cook breakfast; I made a bit too much so the portions are large."

"OK, oh and by the way can I borrow these trousers for school today?" asked Jenny, Even though she already had them on. Eve just smiled, knowing what would happen in a few weeks. She just needed patience for a little while.

Eve went upstairs after serving her sister breakfast and collected all the books and stationary she would need for that day. She also did her hair and make-up, as she wanted to make a bit of an effort to look better so the difference between the two of them in a month or so would be bigger. When she came down, Jenny was eating her last sausage.

"Whew, God, you're a good cook, but you cook too much -- I am stuffed. Well, come on, we will be late," said Jenny as they headed off to school together. They still walked to school together, but not back as Jenny went off with her friends and Eve off home to study. When Eve got home, she dumped her bag and got some money and went to the shops. There, she collected junk food that Jenny really liked and more butter. As she walked down the aisle, she passed the lard. She decided to put the butter back and replace it with the more fattening lard; it also turned out to be a lot cheaper so she bought more. She then went home, got a cooler from the garage, put the lard in it and then took it to her room and hid it by her desk where Jenny would never go. She then took out the junk food that Jenny liked and placed some out by the phone and other places Jenny inhabited when she was home.

But that wasn't it for her plan. She now took it on herself to pack Jenny's school lunches; in them, she took out all the healthy food and replaced it with junk food. Now her plan was afoot; all she had to do was wait. While she waited she got down to her homework as she wanted to keep on top of it, while also getting some revising in.

Jenny came in at about 1AM and right onto the phone in her room. This woke Eve up as she went to bed early so she could get up and feed Jenny. She heard her talking and also eating the food Eve had put there. This made her smile. She waited until Jenny went to bed and started to snore. This was a sign she was in her infamous deep sleep; she could sleep through almost anything, which was very helpful for Eve's plan. She was only wearing a bra and knickers, so was her sleeping sister. Eve picked a bar of lard from her cooler and the same knife from the butter; she then opened it and felt a little sick at the sight of it. She started to cut it up and place it into her sister's mouth -- she managed to get it down her quicker then the butter as it was softer. She then went to bed after refilling Jenny's snacks in her room. She slept very well that night and couldn't wait to see the results begin to happen.

The next morning Jenny had a normal breakfast as Eve didn't want to push it too early, but Eve did pack her sister a large lunch of junk food behind her parent's backs. She then took a seat next to Jenny at breakfast

"Hey, I packed us some junk food for lunch instead of fruit. Who wants to eat that?" said Eve.

"Oh thanks, Sis, you know I can't be dealing with fruit. To be honest I am not that much a fan of cereal. How about you cook me up a fry-up tomorrow morning? That one yesterday was nice," said Jenny.

Eve only smiled and said, "I will make you a big fry-up Every morning if you want, Jen." This made her twin smile as she ate her way through the cereal.

That night Jen spent the evening in; she gave her work for Eve to do and spent her evening chatting on the phone in different rooms. This gave Eve the opportunity to refill the snack dishes for each room while doing Jenny's and her own homework. That night again she fed lard to her sister, and in the morning made a big fry-up. The girls' parents weren't around much as they both did a lot of work, Eve was left to run the house hold most of the time as she was so responsible. She was given a bigger allowance for this, which Jenny envied. Jenny was happy with her fry-up, but it was a little large; she went to school feeling stuffed, but excited as it was Friday already.

After school that day Jenny went out for a big party, Eve went home as usual and cleaned up a little and refilled all of the snacks. She then went to study for a while before watching TV and going on the net. She was still up when Jenny came home deep in the night. Her current boyfriend Jack dropped her off. Eve had a crush on him, and he kind of liked her as she looked exactly like his girlfriend. She was a little too nerdy for him, but they were friendly.

"Hay, I think she has had a little too much to drink; you might want to give her a bucket or something tonight."

"I will take care of her."

"Well, I will be off then, see ya."


As soon as he had gone Eve sat up her unconscious sister and took off her drink-covered top. There wasn't a sign of weight gain yet, but it was early days. She then ran upstairs and pulled out four bars of lard; she came back down and cut out chunks of lard to feed her faster. She wasn't going to wake up. Eve popped them into her mouth and let her swallow before adding more. She did this while watching TV and before she knew it she had done all four bars. Her stomach looked fuller; with each bar weighing one lb she had eaten four lbs of pure fat.

Eve then laid her down and covered her with a blanket and got her a sick bowl before going to bed herself. The next day Eve took care of Jenny bringing her anything she desired and forced her to eat more then she really wanted. Jenny was heading back out that night and borrowed one of Eve's dresses without asking, as usual. She modelled it for Eve and she noticed that her sister did definitely look softer. Her jaw-line wasn't as sharp and her body looked fuller, Eve could hardly contain her excitement, but Jenny took it as a reaction to her beauty in that dress, said goodbye and left.

Eve was over the moon and soon found herself at the shops stocking up on lard and other snacks to fatten her sister up a little more. But she decided to get a little extra lard to feed her sister to speed up the weight gain even more. She took it all home and then went onto her computer to put down everything that had happened, as Eve had started to keep a diary of her sister's transformation. In it she put down a day-to-day account of her sister's food intake, if she was expanding or not, and any future goals she had for her sister. This, like everything else on her computer was left without a password protecting it, as she was the only one who came anywhere near the computer.

When a friend bought Jenny back home after the party late in the night, this woke Eve up, she was only too happy to let her in as she could feed her more lard. Again, like the night before, she fed her sister another four lbs of lard before going to bed herself with a smile on her face.

Jenny woke up on the couch again with a bit of a hangover, she promised herself she wouldn't do anything like that again, but she did this every time she felt the effects of her drinking. Eve came down stairs when she heard her sister's complaints and fixed her a glass of water and a few painkillers for her headache.

"So can I fix you up a fry-up, Sis?" asked Eve, always in the hope of adding more calories to her sister's daily food intake.

"Oh, God no, I don't think I am up to it yet, but later on maybe, oh, and as you're not cooking for me could you manage to have a go at my math homework? It's in for tomorrow."

Eve scowled at her sister, but she nodded her head as she was getting her revenge and Jenny didn't even know about it, Eve did notice her sister's stomach looked a little thicker and as she was sitting she did have a bit of a double chin. Eve quickly did Jenny's work and then a little revision before adding the four bars of lard to her computer files. She then decided to try and get her twin to eat so she prepared a cooked breakfast while Jenny showered. Jenny came downstairs in her gown, with her hair up in a towel.

"Oh thanks, Sis, you read my mind, so did you do my math work?"

"Yes I did, so do you want these extra sausages and bacon? I cooked a little too much again."

"Go on then, I missed breakfast so this is more of a lunch, so I can have a little more."

Eve smiled at this as her fry-up was much bigger then a usual cooked breakfast and with the extra sausage and bacon she was having both a large lunch and breakfast, this would help her expand when added to her lard intake from the night before.

After Jenny had consumed her fry-up, she went upstairs to dry her hair properly before relaxing in front of the TV; Eve took this opportunity to refill all of the snacks around the couch for her sister. Jenny soon came down stairs in some sweats and started to watch TV while holding her bigger gut. Eve cleaned up and spent a few hours on the Internet, she came down in the evening and saw all of the snacks had gone and her sister was sitting in a pool of sweet wrappers.

"So, Jen, I thought we would get pizza for dinner."

"I don't know; I am a little full and I think I am gaining weight; I feel so sluggish."

"You're not putting on weight, Jen, you look great; I would have said you have lost weight rather then gained weight; you just feel sluggish from your hangover, that's all."

"Really, thanks, Eve, you're probably right. Well, we may as well get a pizza in then."

Eve again smiled as she made the call to Domino's; when it arrived they ate it right from the box. Eve ate slower and made Jenny eat five of the eight slices. Jenny sat back stuffed, holding her stomach, while Eve could fully make it out from under her top. The twins sat together for the rest of the evening and as it hit about 10 pm, Eve decided to push it a little further.

"So, Jen you want some ice cream or something, I think we have some Belgium chocolate in the freezer?"

"I am still a little full from dinner, Eve; you go ahead though; don't let me stop you."

Eve chose to get the ice cream to stop Jenny suspecting anything, but she made sure she bought an extra spoon for her sister, in case she changed her mind. Eve made extra loud mmmm sounds to make it sound better and sure enough Jenny took the bait and started eating, too. Between them they finished the pot off. They then watched more TV before going to bed. Jenny went right to sleep as the food made her sleepy and Eve was soon standing over her with two bars of lard; she cut them up and popped them into her mouth. She was done quite quickly and then went to bed herself as she had school tomorrow and she had to do Jenny's breakfast.

While Eve made Jenny's breakfast she thought how much lard Jenny had eaten; she though it to be about 15 bars of lard. That's 15 lbs of pure fat along with her snacking, big breakfasts, bigger lunches and fatty dinners. The weight was definitely coming on, but Eve needed to have a good look at her. She planed to that night when feeding her as she slept in her underwear.

Jen came down in her uniform and Eve could see the waistband dig into her stomach and the shirt looked generally tighter on her. She didn't say anything as she served the food for her sister, as they ate Eve noticed that Jenny was pulling at her skirt a lot, hoping it would let up a bit. Eve wanted to laugh, but didn't, as it might have ruined her weight gain vengeance. After eating her smaller meal, Eve set up the lunches, adding more fatty food to her sister's bag.

After school that day Eve firstly refilled all the snacks and then she went up to her computer and filled in all that Jenny had eaten yesterday, and what she had eaten that day so far. Eve then got on with her homework as she heard her parents downstairs; they didn't really spend time together but they were there if any of the girls needed something. Jenny got home in time for dinner, but she changed first into some sweats, as her uniform was still tight. The meal wasn't as big as Eve wanted for her twin, but she wasn't going to lose weight from one small meal. The conversation was non-existent between the family and as soon as they were done they went their separate ways, Eve to her room to do a little English work for her sister, both parents to the study and Jenny to the TV, where she found all new snacks to which she helped herself.

Eve soon moved back to her sister's weight-gain diary and then she came up with he idea of putting it up on the Internet. She knew how to make a web site easily enough and set right to work on it. She worked solidly and soon heard Jenny go to bed. She waited a while until she was properly asleep and then she went to pick up the lard. But this time she also picked up her web cam. She crept over to her bed where she heard her sister's snores. She slowly took the cover off her and gazed upon her body. Her thighs looked definitely fuller and wider along with her arms. She had a cute little double chin growing and a slightly softer looking face. Her tits seemed to fill the cups more then before, which made Eve a little envious. But then came her middle, her hips seemed broader and rounder and had a small pair of love handles resting on top. Her panties dug into her love handles quite deeply and even more so across her stomach, which was the sure fire sign of her weight gain. There seemed to be a fatty layer a few inches deep resting on her stomach. There was a definite bulge there, and it forced the panties waistline into a downward curve, instead of the previous horizontal line across her flat torso. Eve took many shots of her as she lay there and then took some shots of her feeding Jenny the lard. This took quite a while, but she couldn't wait to see the results of her pics tomorrow.

The week just flew by and before Eve knew it, it was Saturday night; Jenny was at a party and her parents out of town and she had just completed her site and posted the link on all of the weight gain sites she had been to. Jenny had continued to gain all week. Jenny had now eaten 25 lbs of lard thanks to her sister and her weight-gain by Friday was really clear as Eve spotted that Jenny didn't fasten the button to her skirt, and it was still tight on her. She looked fatter, too, as she just looked generally chubby.

Eve waited until Jenny was inevitably bought home unconscious and then had her fun; she saw her chubby twin squeezed into a tight dress this time one of her own. She was a little amazed that Jenny hadn't done anything about her weight yet, but she wasn't going to say anything. Eve then stripped her to her underwear and took loads of pics, and then she used her camera to make a film of her feeding the lard to Jenny all five bars of it. It took ages and she had to turn it into two films, but she eventually forced it into Jenny. She did look fuller from it, a lot fuller as her panties dug deep into her belly and soft hips. They were far too small for her now, which made Eve laugh. Eve then pulled out the set of scales she had hidden behind the couch; she picked Jenny up with all of her strength and then looked at the reading, 257lbs!

Eve then put her sister back down onto the couch and weighed herself 115 lbs, a little more then she remembered but she had been eating fry-ups everyday with her sis and snaking a little, too. She then did some quick math in her head and discovered her sister had expanded to 142lbs, over 10 stone, and still wearing the same clothes. Eve was a little surprised that Jenny had gained 30 lbs so fast, but she did have five lbs of lard in her stomach, along with all of her drinks. But one thing was for sure, Jenny was getting fat and Eve didn't want to stop her yet. She laid Jenny down and covered her chubby body with a blanket and fetched her a sick bucket and a glass of water, then she took her camera and notes to her room and dropped the scales back off into the bathroom, she then set about putting all of her new information onto her computer. She planned to put it onto the Internet the next day, but for now she went to bed with a huge smile on her face.

The next day Eve spent in her room, doing her own and Jenny's homework, a little revision, and then working on her web page; she put the film in, the new pics, daily food intake and weight. She then tinkered around and did a little more advertising when she looked at the views of the site she had saw it was over 2,000 already. She couldn't believe it and she had loads of mail, saying how they enjoyed the site and asking many questions, like why she was fattening her sister? When she would stop? And when will there be more pics up? Eve decided to set up a 'frequently asked question' page and answered the questions as well as she could. Once she was done with that she went downstairs to see her sister in front of the TV, absentmindedly eating what looked to be the last of the snacks in the room.

"Hi, Sis, do you think I am putting on weight? My clothes are feeling a little tight," she said holding her belly and sitting in front of the box wearing Eve's sweat pants and Eve's crop top.

"Nah, you look slim to me, Sis, you're probably a little bloated from your drinks last night."

"I am going to weigh myself and see; you know I couldn't fasten my skirt the other day."

"Don't bother, Jen, you are fine!" said Eve in a bit of panic

"Why do you care? I just want to weigh myself," said Jen as she heaved herself up and went up to the scales in the bathroom. Eve waited for the scream and soon enough it came. "137 lbs!!!!!" she screamed, this made Eve giggle but she hid her delight when Jenny came back down in a storm of anger. "Right! I am on a diet from this day on, no wonder the girls were whispering about me, how did this happen?" she asked herself as she lay down on the floor to start some crunches.

Eve watched from the couch as Jenny's belly roll formed each time she sat up, but this didn't happen too many times. Jenny then got up and put on her trainers and declared she was going out for a jog. Eve then refilled up the snack dishes and put a large pizza in the oven, along with garlic bread and then pulled a carton of chocolate ice cream from the freezer. When Jenny came back 20 minutes later, covered in sweat Eve was ready with the food.

"Hi, Sis, I made dinner," said Eve with a smile at seeing her sister's chubby face.

"I can't eat that stuff, its too fattening and I am on a diet," Jenny huffed

"Come on, Jen, you have to eat something."

"Okay, but I will only have a little." Jenny conceded as she headed into the lounge with her twin close behind.

Jenny eat slowly, knowing she couldn't eat too much if she was on a diet. Eve wanted her to eat more and tried to encourage her but it wasn't working and after three slices and a little garlic bread Jenny went off for a bath before bed, Eve was left with all the food which she put a huge dent in out of frustration.

After Eve's stuffing, she watched a little more TV before checking on Jenny who was fast asleep at only 10 pm. Eve pulled out two bars of lard and fed them to her sister who lapped them up before going to bed herself, she had to get up early to make Jenny some breakfast. The next morning Eve got up early to give Jenny breakfast in bed, she made her and herself a large fry-up and ate her own before serving Jenny. In this time Jenny had got up, showered and dressed - well, attempted to dress - her underwear was far too tight and her skirt was further away from fitting; she was struggling to fasten the second button when she heard her sister heading for her room. Jenny jumped under the covers to hide herself.

"Hi, Jen are you up? I have bought you breakfast in bed."

"Oh hi, Sis I don't think I am going into school today. I feel bad; tell mom."

"Well, do you want your breakfast?"

"Umm, yeah, go on then," replied Jenny, taking the large fry-up from her not so identical twin.

Eve went downstairs, a little disappointed that her sister wasn't going to school, but it might work out okay as she would be in the house all day and would probably end up snacking all day. Eve was sure to refill all the snacks before leaving. Once Jenny heard the last person leave, she got out of bed and took off all of her tight clothes. She put on some sweats, without underwear and headed downstairs to watch a little TV; she watched a few chat shows, but daytime TV wasn't that exciting for her. She then decided to have a little something to eat, which turned out to be the ice cream Eve started last night.

Jenny then walked around the house and stopped at Eve's room, she rummaged around her room for clothes and other such things, then she spotted her PC in the corner. Jenny was computer literate and liked surfing the web every now and again; she turned on the computer and saw many files on the desk top; daily food intake, weight chart, pics, movies etc. Jenny opened them one by one, and as Eve's plan to fatten her up became unravelled Jenny was in shock, she went onto the Internet and saw the "Fatten Jenny" web page as Eve's home page. She ventured around it and saw pics of her in her underwear as she gained weight and then she downloaded the movie and was stunned to see what she had read. Her sister feeding her bar after bar of pure fat. Jenny was blown away and was totally outraged at her sister's treachery.

"Well, if she thinks she can fatten me up like a Christmas turkey for fun, I will show her a little something; I am going to fatten her up so much, she will be fatter then Miss Dibble! [Jenny's hugely overweight English teacher.]" And so she started planning her own revenge.


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