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The story of my life, Part 3 of 8

For the next few days the girls just sat around eating. Eve spent a lot of time at the computer while Jenny watched TV, but they were both eating and getting bigger. When the Easter weekend arrived, the girls were given their eggs; in previous years they weren't given chocolate, but other things like clothes or cash. But since their weight gain they both wanted chocolate and they both got it. The family spent Easter together so they headed off to their Nan's for the weekend and their chocolate. Their Nan was a very rich woman and had a bigger house then their own, which was large by most people's standards. But the family was large and Easter was a big event for the family and was a big reunion.

In the holiday so far the girls had already gained weight; Eve was now 159 and filled out her clothes at the point Jenny had been when she had first bought hers. Jenny was now 171 lbs, which meant her clothes were now getting a little tighter and she was leaning toward clothes with a little stretch. All four members of the family stood at the door, all carrying clothes and Easter eggs for other members of the family. The girl's uncle Phil answered the door and was shocked to see how fat his little nieces had gotten; he hugged them after getting over his shock and led them into the large dinning room where the others were as it was time for lunch. The two girls walked in, and the family stopped and stared before welcoming them in. Their Nan's butler took their bags to their rooms and put the eggs with the others. The girls took their seats as the food was bought out by family and people started to gossip about the twins as they began to eat.

The largest member of the family was their granddad, who was 210 lbs, which meant the twins were getting closer to being the biggest. And being next to some of the family's skinniest people didn't really help too much. The family started eating and served their own food and talked; eating was more social then just food oriented, but the girls spent more time on their food, getting all different dishes being passed from different ends of the table. The meal lasted an hour and a half and most people had only one or two servings, but Eve had six and Jenny eight before they were brought into conversation.

Once they were done, the family split up: men in granddad's pool room with its own bar, women into a lounge to chat, the children into the pool in the garden and then many little groups in other rooms. The girls went in with the women and gossiped and snacked on all of the food available. Soon their weight came up.

“Oh, Jenny, it's good to see you are eating more heartily nowadays” said an aunt. “It's good to see you have filled out a bit; you two were so thin before.”

“Yeah, I have filled out a bit,” said Jenny, covering her belly with her arms.

“You, too, Eve, you look really good, not too thin, but you should be careful of getting chubby,” said the same aunt.

“Yeah, me and Jenny have been eating a little more.”

“Well, you look healthier, Eve, and you, too, Jen - just don't get any fatter.”

Jenny looked hurt by this comment and sucked in her belly as much as she could. Her mom could see how Jenny was reacting and changed the subject away from their weight.

The evening went on, and the girls went around chatting to different people, but soon split up. Jenny went in with the guys as she was considered cool enough to be there and was offered a drink by her uncle Phil who knew she drank. Jenny drank it on the sly and then had another and also played some pool. Eve headed out to the pool with some of the women to swim off the lunch, she heard what her aunt had said and didn't want that said to her, so she tried to shift a little weight.

But the family met up again for dinner, a bigger event then lunch that would go on for about 3-4 hours, and all family members would leave full. Jenny sat over with her uncle while Eve remained with the women. Food was served to them, and they both dug in, but their plates were altered. Jenny had food added to her by various people around her so she wouldn't be highlighted asking for more and more food, while Eve had food taken off when she filled her plate sky-high. The meal went on and on, and Jenny got fuller and fuller, while Eve simply got satisfied by her four plates. Jenny ate and ate, while most had stopped and had just downed number nineteen. Her top had now ridden up her belly, and her trousers were really tight.

She was rubbing her belly when desert was brought out. Several cakes were placed on the table, and Jenny got new life to eat. She had a chocolate one in front of her and cut off a huge bit and then another, then some cheese cake then another slice then a slice of carrot cake then two slices of banana cake then a slice of key lime cake before stopping. She was now stuffed and had cake all over her. Her top was higher up her swollen gut, and her trouser button was just clinging on. People had noticed her food consumption, especially Eve, who loved watching her sister get so full of fatty food.

Jenny sat there as the chat continued, not saying much but groaning a lot and rubbing her tight stomach. Jenny couldn't take the pain, so she pulled the tablecloth over her stomach and then unfastened her trousers. The fly slid all the way down. As her belly popped free, the cloth rose slightly and Jenny let out a breath of relief. After more chatting, Jenny had the final slice of chocolate cake as it sat in front of her, calling out to her. After that she felt really ill and had some more drink to settle her stomach.

Once people began to leave the table to the rooms they previously occupied, Jenny decided she must move quickly or end up with the women who would discuss her binge. She sucked in her belly as much as possible and literally pushed the firm flesh in, and she just managed to fasten the button under great discomfort. She then did her fly and pulled down her top, but it popped back up. She decided to grab her belly and head for the poolroom before she was cornered. Once inside, she found a seat and sat there, rubbing her belly inside her binding trousers.

At bedtime, the girls went up to their own rooms and changed into their pyjamas. Jenny was glad of the freedom, and so was Eve. But she was also glad about how much Jenny had consumed and how much she would gain.

The next morning they were woken for breakfast at dawn, as they had to go to church for Easter Sunday. The girls showered and dressed, Jenny wearing a skirt and blouse - very churchish but the skirt also had some stretch so it fit all right. The family met for a quick breakfast before heading to church a few miles away; they walked to enjoy the English countryside and arrived just in time for the service. It lasted an hour, and by the time they had walked back, both girls were starving after only a bowl of cereal. When they got back, chocolate eggs were given out. It was mainly for the kids, and the twins received eight eggs each. They began to eat them right up until lunch where they again ate quite a lot, Eve having eight plates and Jenny nine. Eve wasn't that hungry as she'd had her eggs, but Jenny was quite full.

Eve then sprang a plan, adding one of her own eggs to Jenny's stash. She planned to do this again later on to give her sister more chocolate. Jenny ate right through till dinner and was now really getting full; her skirt was tight and her top revealing some midriff. She sat and started eating. “And if people thought they were full yesterday, they hadn't seen anything,” was the warning given by their Nan as the food was bought out. “Feel free to unfasten your trousers; you will need the room.”

Jenny jumped at this news and was first to unfasten her skirt; she undid all but one button on the bottom and smiled as she reached for the mashed potatoes. At this meal Eve was allowed to eat all she wanted, too, and she undid her jeans. The meal began and it was guaranteed to last at least five hours; the table had 50% more food then the day before and a lot of desserts. Jenny ate at a more steady pace, in for the long haul, and so did Eve - they looked over at each other and ate plate for plate. This lasted for ages. Jenny was fuller at the start from her chocolate, but she could pack more away. This made for a good battle, one which lasted until plate number 23 when Eve threw in the towel. Jenny then had another plate before dessert. The dessert was similar to the day before: lots of cake, but also ice cream and a few pastries. Jenny and Eve began to eat again and stuffed themselves to breaking point. Jenny managed somehow to eat what she had done before and another few slices; she had beaten Eve, who was happy about losing an eating contest to her fattening sister.

Now they were both done. Jenny's top was riding right up her exposed, swollen belly, and her skirt was still a little tight even though it was undone. So she unfastened the last button and chatted when she could and ate when she could. Jenny managed to get another four slices of cake down before the meal was done, and everybody was stuffed. They sat there for ages before moving on; everybody stood up as the cleaner came in, but Jenny had forgotten she had totally undone her skirt, and when she rose under great difficulty it fell right to the floor. She yelped as her black lace panties were revealed under her large bloated belly. She quickly went down and pulled it up with only half of the people noticing. Jenny blushed and quickly left the room to be alone in her room.

There, she changed into her sweats, which felt great and only showed off a little bit of belly when she stood. She also spotted her four remaining eggs and decided to have a go and have one. She opened it, ate the egg, and the chocolate bar that accompanied it. She then had another and then another; she then had one left and was totally stuffed. She thought about it and decided to save it for later. She then cleaned herself up and went back to her family; she went for the poolroom and took a seat, waiting for the table for a game. She sat there, rubbing her belly and keeping her eyes down while she waited, as she was embarrassed about her skirt falling down. But as it wasn't mentioned, and people talked to her, she got over it and played pool on a full stomach.

Eve was with the women, and Jenny came up duing the chat.

“I know; there is no wonder she has gotten so fat. Did you see how much she has eaten?”

“Tell me about it, she ate more then anybody here, about twice as much as most.”

“She needs to be careful, or she will be really fat for the rest of her life.”

While this discussion went on, Eve smiled to herself and was caught off guard when attention was bought to her.

“You should look at your sister, Eve. If you carry on like her, like you both have been, then you will be as fat as her, and I don't think you want that.”

“Umm, yeah, I know. I don't want to be fat.”

“Well you shouldn't eat like you did at dinner time. Look at your stomach. It used to be slim; now it's so fat and chubby your top can't reach your trousers.”

Eve looked down and tugged the top down, but it popped back up her bloated stomach; at this, Eve blushed.

“You should be careful.”

At this the room was silent, until somebody moved on. Eve then felt fat all of a sudden when she had just felt so thin.

The evening went on as it did before with no real events apart from some members of the family leaving. The twins' family planned to stay a little longer until Monday night. They did their goodbyes and carried on with the night until bedtime again. On the way up, Jenny felt better, and her top was now just about covering her belly when she ran into Eve.

“Oh hi, Sis, what you up to?”

“Nothing, I am so bored. But I thought I might check out the empty rooms and see what people have left behind, might be something to keep me occupied,” said Jenny.

“Go for it. I am tired and need to get out of these clothes, good night,” said Eve, rubbing her belly that poked out over the top of her jeans.

Jenny smiled as she walked off, then Jenny went into the vacant rooms. She didn't find much, but when she found some of the kids' room she found some left behind Easter eggs. It was now too late to bother to come back for some eggs so Jenny claimed them for herself. In all, she found four and took them to her remaining egg left on the floor before going to bed.

First thing in the morning Eve work up and then planned to sneak another egg onto Jenny; she walked into Jenny's room and heard Jenny's snores. Eve then slid the egg in and left to prepare for her last day at her Nan's house.

Jenny soon woke after Eve left and spotted her chocolate. Before even dressing Jenny had started eating and soon found they were all gone. Jenny then dressed in some jeans and a top for breakfast. Even before she got down, her belly was poking out from her top. Today, the table seemed empty without her uncle and less people. They had a buffet breakfast: pancakes, toast, cereal, sausage, bacon, three types of egg, hash browns, black pudding and a few other nice items. Eve wanted to indulge, but going for the sausages she got a stern look from a few females in the family and just had a few pieces of toast, while Jenny had the works. Everything possible she had once - no, twice, no, three times - leaving her quite full and a few family members amazed as her indulgence was even more noticeable with less people and less chat.

Her jeans were now tighter and top higher, but she didn't care as long as they were on. She then went to her room to pack as they were leaving that night. Once she was all packed, she went for a walk of the gardens. She was full, but she bought a can of beer with her as she had been missing her drink. Even through she drank most nights at home, she hadn't been really pit for ages and fancied getting drunk - maybe tomorrow, she thought, as she returned back for lunch.

Jenny again took a seat far from the women and began to eat. As nobody was next to her, she undid her jeans to eat, and when she was done, struggled to refasten them. She had eaten twelve plates of food and felt quite full but wanted her dinner before they left as the food was so great. Her fat girl's appetite had really grown.

Once dinnertime rolled by, Jenny planned to go all out. She undid her jeans right away and began to eat; the plates of food emptied almost as fast as they filled, and before dessert was bought out she had eaten 26 plates of food and felt quite ill. But the cakes changed her mind. In one hand she had her belly and the other a fork full of cake. Jenny was aware of all the looks she had been getting by family and decided to put on a show for them and give them something to really talk about. She pulled over a whole chocolate cake and began eating. Mouthful-by-mouthful it disappeared, and soon the platter was clear. This took ages but was still amazing. She then had another cake and then forced down half of another before she was about to be sick. Some of the family had left as it took ages, and only a few members of the family remained. Once Jenny had recovered, Eve helped Jenny to the car with a big smile as her sister had her jeans full open, cake all over her face and her huge gut surging out everywhere with a look of solidness about it as she cradled it all the way home.

Once back, she went right to bed and slept naked to feel as comfortable as possible. That night Eve, as usual, fed lard to her sister, but only got down two bars as she was really full already. Jenny didn't set her alarm, as she didn't have the strength to get upon that full belly, let alone creep into her sister's room with moaning and groaning.

The next morning, Jenny woke up early after a bad night's sleep. She didn't want to get up, though, as she was a little embarrassed about the day before. She sat in her room, hungry, when she remembered where she had some food; she opened her cupboard and pulled out one egg.

“Hey, what's the harm in one? It won't make a difference,” she told herself as she quickly devoured it. “Hey, another won't cause any harm,” as she eat the next. Then another and another; after her fifth, she stopped herself and cleaned up and dressed to face her family. When she got downstairs, it was only Eve, and she was on her computer. Jenny then remembered her plan to get really pissed and looked what to see alcohol was in. She found beer, whiskey and vodka then went off for breakfast. She ate a box of cereal and half a loaf of bread for toast. After that, she felt satisfied and went and watched some TV; at lunchtime, she went up to her sister who turned off her monitor when Jenny walked in.

“She's probably doing that website about me,” Jenny thought as she started talking to Eve.

“Hey, Sis, I, um, got you some Easter eggs; I went a little overboard, but I had the cash and thought you might like them.”

“Me, too, I spent the rest of my shopping money on the eggs. So you want to swap?” said Eve.

“Yeah, sure meet you down here,” said Jenny, heading into her room, her sweats showing a little belly.

They met in the lounge, Jenny gave fifteen to her twin and Eve gave twenty. They then began to eat, Jenny polishing off ten and Eve had eight, with ten and seven left over. Eve then went to her room for the website, talking about the weekend. Jenny stayed downstairs and went into the kitchen for a snack other then chocolate and came back with the phone to call for a pizza. She ordered one for her twin to help fatten her up a bit.

When the food came, Jenny paid and gave Eve her pizza and then ate her own, along with the garlic bread she ordered. Jenny then sat there on the couch, bored when she decided to get drunk.

“Hey, Eve, I am gonna have some drinks. Can I interest you in anything?”

“What do you mean drinks?” Eve replied coming to the top of the stairs

“Well, I want to get pissed - you want to join me?”

“Nah, just call if you need anything,” she replied, planning to make a movie and get a weigh-in for Jenny.

Jenny pulled out some of the drinks and got started. While she drank, she had some more eggs, and by the time she was getting really pissed she was down to seven eggs like Eve. Jenny then had the whiskey and was soon unconscious on the couch with chocolate on her face and food packaging around her. It was now 11 o'clock, so their mom and dad would be back. Eve then grabbed the lard, scale and camera. She set it up then stripped Jenny off to reveal the big-bellied Jenny. Eve got out the lard and started packing it in, bar after bar; she giggled as she did it and soon she had packed six bars in and then a seventh before stopping.

Jenny's belly was now swollen and firm; her love handles rested on her wide hips and spewed over her knickers waistband. They seemed really tight on her as they hid under her belly, which rested on her thick thighs; they were really wide as she sat and cellulite was undeniable on the sides and a little on the front; her belly had stretchmarks, and her chubby face had a big double chin on it. Her arms were thick around and her fingers were now chubby. Jenny's tits were slightly larger, filling their cups nicely.

Jenny was clearly fat, and now it was time for the weigh-in. Eve tried to lift her sister but couldn't get her of the floor. So she had to do it differently. Eve went and got the other, old scales from the garage and planned how to do this. She came up with putting both scales under the coffee table and changing the weight to 0 on both. She then laid Jenny down on the table, and made sure she wasn't touching the floor. Eve took both weights and added them up to find Jenny's total. 177 lbs!!! Eve was amazed at this news; she took a few more pics before putting Jenny back on the couch and dressed her as well as she could. Eve cleaned up a little and went off to load the pics, and then went to bed.

The next day and the rest of the holiday was the same for the girls. Eve was mainly in her room, revising her website while Jenny was downstairs alienated from her friends. All she had was her appetite, so she spent her days eating all she wanted and getting fatter all the time. Eve would spend all of her free time with Jenny in the lounge, eating and getting the other to eat more and get fatter. This resulted in them both getting stuffed, Jenny more so on the whole as she was eating all day, and Eve was very manipulative in making Jenny go a little too far. The holiday lasted a little under two weeks, and the girls gained all the time.

Two days before they had to go back, and the weight gain wasn't so good on the clothes front. Eve was now 168 lbs as she had been trying not to gain, but her binges and lard feedings added nine lbs since Easter weekend. She was a little fuller and had started to wear Jenny's larger clothes as her own stuff was getting too small for her. She was comfortable in Jenny's clothes, which was something Jenny couldn't say. Jen was eating almost all day long on the couch, and her larger lard feedings had led to a new weight of 191 lbs.

She had swelled up and out of her clothes. She was limited to wearing no underwear and her single sweat suit, which showed off her whole stomach and was splitting at the seams when she moved. It was really tight and quite dirty, as she had been wearing it for several days in a row. Jenny had grown lazier with her added girth.

It was two days before they went back. Eve was spending more time revising the website, which meant Jenny was spending more time alone, eating while her sister wasn't. Being alone all day meant Jenny didn't have to wear her sweat suit. She took off the bottoms, and her restricted flesh spewed out an inch all around. Then she pulled off her top as she was still in her bra - her stretchiest, but it still dug into her flesh body all over and her inflated breasts were starting to outgrow the cups. Feeling better, she ate all she wanted. It lasted until the evening, when she thought people might come in, so she dressed again with great difficulty - well, semi-dressed as the top would only come under her bra and the bottoms wouldn't go to her hips. Her now fat midsection was open. It shocked her mom when she walked in. Her mother hadn't really paid much attention to the kids over the last few weeks, and she noticed how big Jenny had gotten.

“Honey, I think we need to talk.”

“Umm, yeah, what about, Mom?” inquired Jenny, shuffling up the couch from her slumped position to allow her mom some room.

“Well, Jenny, it's about this,” said her mom, resting her hand on her large, firmly packed roll of fat around her midsection.

Jenny quickly moved her mom's hand and tried to cover her belly with her hand, but to no avail.

“Jenny, I think you should try and stop all this before you go too far.”

“How do you mean too far? I am not that fat, Mom; you make it sound like I am a whale or something.”

“Of course you aren't, but once you get…heavy it's hard to lose the weight.”

“I can lose this, Mom, I really can.”

“Honey, it's not like you can do the things you used to do; you can't even do those old exercises you used to do when you were a cheerleader.”

“I can, too, Mom! I am not that 'heavy' yet, you know. I will prove it,” said Jenny, trying to get up, but her full stomach made it hard. After a little struggling, her mom pushed her up and to her feet. When she was up Jenny pulled down her top as much as possible and her bottoms up, but there was a big gap in-between the two where her roll jutted out.

“Ok, Mom, I will do one of my old exercises, how about some press-ups?” Jenny said, lowering herself to the floor.

"Ok, Jenny, do ten; you used to do it easily.”

“Fine,” said Jenny, getting into the stance; when she was up, her belly was only just off the ground and this allowed only to go down a few inches before her stomach was fully on the ground and pressure was put upon it. As she was full, she yelped at this and went back up. She then did three more press-ups and found her arms burned and she was sweating. Jenny gave up at number five, red-faced and sweating. She rolled onto her back to catch her breath and then had the idea for more exercise.

“Well, I couldn't do them because I am full and my belly is delicate. I can do sit-ups though,” said Jenny as she began to sit up. The bottom of her round stomach started to form a large roll as she slowly and painfully rose. She couldn't even get over a 30 degree angle from the ground before her belly prevented her going any more. Jenny gave up after number three and just lay on the floor sweating and red-faced.

“See, honey, you can't do what you used to, so if you want to lose the weight you will have to cut out the sweets. Today, you ate enough food to last the house a week or two. Jenny, it's turning into a problem.”

“No, Mom, I can do it; I can do what I used to do!” said Jenny sternly, not wanting to give up. “I can do the splits, yeah I used to be able to do them all the time, I can prove myself to you if I do it…can you help me up?” said Jenny, planning her final defence in her weight gain trial.

Her mom got up and helped her daughter to her feet. And then sat back down to watch her perform; as she sat she cleared up some of the empty food packaging that Jenny ate on her binges.

Jenny lowered down a little more and a little more; the more she went down the tighter her sweats became. Soon she was a few inches away from doing it and her sweats started to rip; with one last push she locked it in and was all the way down, but with the last push the sweats' bottoms ripped one all along the sides and eventually the waistband buckled and fell off her. Jenny blushed as she clambered up and went off to her room fully embarrassed. Her mom shook her head as Jenny's fat ass jiggled up the stairs.

“God, she will be a house by Christmas.”


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