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191909.02.2013 Lovegrief
1:50 AM11.05.2013 Everyday Life
Alexandra15.04.2011 Childhood
Because of Love30.04.2013 Love & Romance
Believed in a Fairytale04.05.2013 Sorrow
Consequences12.03.2013 Sorrow
Dark Red08.05.2014 Fantasy
Daylight to Moonlight16.02.2013 Life
Difficult29.05.2013 Loneliness
Don't Tell Me Who I Am26.04.2013 Everyday Life
Empty Promises08.11.2012 Sorrow
Flames30.11.2015 Emotions
Frustrations I Could Have Prevented08.01.2014 Thoughts
Goodbye Confusion25.04.2013 Emotions
I Like You10.05.2013 Emotions
I Remember the Day08.05.2013 Childhood
In the Mediterranean Sea07.05.2013 Everyday Life
Kris26.06.2013 Remembrance
Love Is22.08.2014 Love & Romance
Psychosis11.04.2013 Psychological
Smiling Through Words10.01.2015 General
Smoke and Mirrors24.04.2013 Remembrance
Summertime29.06.2013 Everyday Life
Tears31.12.2012 Loneliness
The Hurricane24.08.2010 General
The Last Day of April02.05.2013 Thoughts
This Distance08.07.2013 Loneliness
Unexplained Contradictions22.08.2019 Thoughts
Who Am I To Judge Her?02.05.2010 Friendship
Why is it06.03.2014 Loneliness
You and I09.05.2013 Love & Romance
Zeke12.04.2011 Friendship

Primera publicación en 02.05.2010.

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