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„Dark horse in a white shadow“ por Bernhard Pappe

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I Bebe (

Pictur Author
Dear Bernhard,

there are thoughts in your poem worthwhile to think about all day long.
The world around at the moment is a colourless grey lacking the shades between Marianne and Suzanne.

Kindest regards

Respuesta por Bernhard Pappe (24.04.2014):
Dear Irene, you are a faithful reader of my words. Thank you for your comment. Let’s bring back the black and the white horse and all colours in-between to our life. The idea for this poem came to me in front of my vacation. The words I formed on the sunny island Gran Canaria. This is the location where I stayed for a couple of days. It would be the right place to write down poems and stories close to ocean waves. Best wishes to you Bernhard

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