Alexis Noria Vazquez

Shadow of Darkness

All this went bad. till now when i remember what i do, but is not the end of my live. just need one more time.

Perhaps it can not be yours thanks, just wanted to be part of your life, now you know that you belong to him. I still remember passing by you, your silence susurar screaming in the dark you're the person who I love.
I started a new day I feel wonderful !; I see you got coming straight you turn to the cracked floor, my heart beats as if a uracan degas causing havoc within my leaving a great past of destruction; I know you've doado account, your hands, your steps have been moved to the sound of the beat. hey! this is not the end that I've piled on those memories as you have done with your old childhood toys in your closet, if a search desides day I will be like that soldier who was once important to you just look at the bottom of your I remember I'll be there as you may not remember maybe not have the helmet to look good to me, with the shirt you remember me or badges with condecoraste but I'll be sure something will be there.


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Publicado en el 03.10.2014.


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