Eugen Kovalev

Behind the wall

Sally was crossing the dark, gloomy Street. She remembered her mothers words”Just say hello and come back to have your tea.”
The night was coming with its darkness and while Sally carried on crossing the street the moon appeared through the grey clouds.
It threw it’s white, soft rays through the leaves of the many trees, which were moving slowly in the chill evening wind.
It were the last days of November.
Some leaves were falling from the dark, tall trees producing silent sounds, coming from everywhere.
Everybody seemed to be at home, enjoying their free time with their families or alone.
Nobody was outside; it was this mysterious silence which made Sally feel uncomfortable in that situation. Even the animals were quiet.

Sally was new here.
She and her parents had moved recently to this area, where they wanted to start a new and better life.
Especially Sally.
She wanted to make new friends and when she asked her mother for support she only got one answer: “When you want to make new friends then start with our neighbours.”
Sally was unsure if that would help but she had her first opportunity and she wanted to try it.

Finally she arrived in front of old iron gates. Huge gates. About 3 meters in height.
“That is it” she thought. To be totally sure she looked at the sign which was engraved on massive stones. ”Lived street, No. 1E” she read on it.
But Sally’s attention was drawn to another thing. It was this massive wall, built of dark, thick massive stones.
Big stones, covered with long plants, hanging from the top of the wall.
Even the wall was of enormous height, more than 3 meters, Sally estimated.
It was amazing how the wet and unstable ground could withstand such a large amount of pressure.
“What a strange place”, Sally thought while it started to rain.
By this time there was no wind anymore.
The rain began to drop faster and faster. Now thousands of raindrops could be heard which gave out a mysterious echo. They dropped on the trees, on their leaves, on the ground and on the wooden house which stood behind the gates.
It was hard to identify because of the many trees standing in front of it and throwing their shadows on it, but Sally could pick up some details. It stood on a small hill, of enormous size, ugly like a grave.
It walls were dark, as well as the roof, which was very flat, compared with the next houses which stood about 100 metres from here away.
It had unusual small windows. Some blocked, others broken.
But the way it was hidden by the many trees made it to a mysterious and living thing.

Sally rang the bell.
No reply.
She tried it another time.
And then she moved back quickly.
The letters of the name of the street started to burn suddenly.
“What is going on here?” she whispered.
The rain extinguished the flames and now they threw out clouds of smoke.
And then, just when Sally decided to run home another thing happened.
Sally could not believe her eyes.
She could not believe that that was really happening.

The letters started to move.
They turned around, changed their positions and produced unearthly sounds.
Faster and faster.
Sally closed her eyes”Wake up” she told herself”WAKE UP!”
But nothing happened.
Then Sally opened her eyes.
And screamed through the silence of the night.
The letters had moved. Moved to make a new word.
It was not, Lived Street, anymore.
Neither Number 1E.
No, it was Devil Street oN 13.

Sally started to run. But then, again, she was forced to stop. She could hear sounds of burning woods.
By this time it was not raining anymore. Instead a fog was coming into being.
Then, suddenly, a violent scream, silent it was came through the silence.
The scream came from the neighbour.
Sally was not sure what to do: Running home or looking what has happened there?
Finally she has made a decision.
A decision she would better not have made.

2 minutes later she was standing in front of the huge iron gates again.
This time they were open. She tried to look through the fog but she saw nothing.
But she could smell something burning. It was the house. Somebody was screaming.
Louder and louder.
It was the voice of a man.
She entered the garden and saw it.
The house was standing in flames, everything was burning.
“HELP”, she shouted, “CAN’T ANYBODY HELP”?!”
But there was no reaction around. Instead the man was starting to scream as loud as he could. He was burning, slowly dying here in front of Sally’s eyes.
Sally couldn’t look at that anymore. She had to do something.
Before it would be too late.

Sally ran towards the house.
In her panic she forgot that she was in the middle of the garden, where she never wanted to be.
Somebody was lying on the steps to the burning house.
“Hopefully he is not dead!” she thought while she carefully came nearer and nearer to the remains of the burning house.
But the flames made it impossible to get to the body.
“Oh, what should I do?” she asked herself.
And then she remembered her parents. That she should have been at home at least 30 minutes ago. And that she could easily get help now.
She turned round and began to ran to the gates.
But suddenly everything was getting darker.
With every step Sally made the gates got worse and worse to see.
Finally Sally ran towards complete darkness.
But she was there.
She was next to the gates.
She had to be.
“Where are the gates?” Sally repeated again and again. ”Where are the gates?”, she whispered.
And then she realized.
There were no gates.
Not anymore.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!” Sally shouted.
And then she remembered the high wall, like in prison, the big gates, the changing letters and the man.

She turned around and screamed.

For the first time in her life she was really frightened.
Frightened of death.


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Eugen Kovalev.
Publicado en el 17.06.2006.


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