Jens Marquard



Come on boy, explore my love at the shore of love, baby,
we will find our way at the bay of love, baby,
boy I´m lost with you at the coast of love, baby;
I´ll reach you at the beach of love, baby,


it feels so good,
you progress my mood,
I love your attitude,
it makes you really cute,
you are my dear,
always you´re for me here,
handsome you let me hear,
that you won´t disappear,


your kiss is so tender,
and you taste like sugar,
you play my defender,
and you give me shelter,
you don´t even urge me,
so I have to agree,
that it´s our century,
I like your energy,


you´re all I desire,
´cause you are like fire,
just you take me higher,
there´s no single require,
you´re entirely no liar,
one can´t deny it, you try it,
to find a way off all wires,
it makes me feel so secure,


it feels so brilliant,
when you are silly and,
when we do still stand,
at the beach of our love,
then we build with sand,
a castle in our land,
will be one till the end,
of heaven above,


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Jens Marquard.
Publicado en el 12.02.2009.


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