Meike Schrut

Autumn fairy tales

The autumn did not keep waiting. He came with coloured colours, with all beauties which this season knows. In the fairyland one was swift with the grape harvest. And as it is simply in the fairy tale and has to be: the grapes prospered here especially hard, shone even against the fairyland inhabitants.

Pittiplatsch of the love, one can go well: while his friends struggled, he lay under a shrub - immediately beside the vineyard - eating noisily he chewed a small basket of full lusciousness before himself, bit in candies, chewed, choked and coughed very much loudly, so that it his protector, Mr. master Nadelöhr (most bottleneck ) got. He reproved him:

„Though you have fastest picked, have also found the nicest grapes, but only thanks to your magic powers. You scoff, while we work we will prepare the wine without you.“

However, just this acted Pitti with pleasure and he considered how he could do that one was not angry at him any more. Up to now he had always managed this. The gigantic basket in which the whole harvest should land was covered only on the ground. Pitti bent over him, murmured: “Only the nicest grapes should fill you, still small and insignificant ones should be big and juicy, countless grapes should cover the vineyard.“ The last partial sentence came again from Pittis joke box, it was, finally, a goblin, there this had to be.
As a Moppi wanted to empty the basket which he carried on himself in bigger, was full already about the edge and disappointed he turned to the master: “Where do I have to go with my grapes, the big basket is quite overfull?!“
Most bottleneck was not surprised long. Pitti once again, that had it only partly well-intentioned, had to tag on everywhere on one more joke, here it went again almost too far. Pitti would also have 2. Gigantic basket should wish in addition, but this would have been a wish too much for the day, Pitti had only one wish per day freely.
Most bottleneck spoke: “I will get the new machine.“ Together with the mechanic's master he had developed a machine with which one could give there and then the grapes of the basket in the funnel. Wine originated immediately.
While putting up the machine there were the certain problems which the master not alone could solve: there a lever stuck here and there something rattled. The mechanic's master was searched, however, stood quite invisibly beside the fairyland inhabitants, nevertheless, he was also a magician. Yes, he had decided to stand to the friends with, only Pittis magic trick was in way: the master slipped on the bulging and quite partially crushed grapes which covered the whole vineyard. He knocked himself somewhere badly the head, besides, his thoughts got mixed up violently: he mistaken different apparatuses in the machine, so that the grapes were sucked though, but at the same time stamped out from a confidential field oil which mixed now with the grapes which harvest one had up to now, thereby became useless!

The unhappy master Nadelöhr suspected Pitti, because he had always an ugly joke on camp, however, defended itself and made the invisible mechanic's master obviously, did not use for it yet a wish.

„I have also messed up today a lot of things and I am sorry.“ The mechanic's master described what to him happen was.

Pitti had crept understandable-wise in his hiding place, because in the bad luck of the mechanic he had also anyhow guilt, the next day should run absolutely better.
Most near days the work should also go on, but what was this?
Pitti had been able to separate oil and grapes of each other which can be cleaned machine, the apparatus had fully been got going when the other friends came and were astonished.

A good fairy, the Pitti pitied, had allowed to him that he had more wishes per day from the last coarse joke openly, because she saw that he wanted to do everything to be allowed to live happily and peacefully in the small community.

The wine became the best wine which one had known in the fairyland up to now...



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Publicado en el 14.11.2009.


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