Hendrik Sollich

in love with an automatic

You saw another falling star tonight
you don't believe them anymore
now you hide your frown behind a vail
confused like you've never been before

    you're in love with an automatic
        a one like there are very few
    she's the girl who makes you static
        she's the girl who's not meant for you

some times she's close – you might even catch her
sometimes she's far and you're unknown
and ther are times she makes you shiver
but most the time you are alone

and now that you're running out the door
it is a shame that there is he
she says « you're one good friend to me »
and you and you you wanted some more

    cuz you're in love with an automatic
        you're in love with a machine gun
    and this feeling makes you panic
        you want to run into the sun

    cuz you're in love with an automatic
        you're in love with a machine gun
    you are so blind you'll never see it
        she's in love too – with another one


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