Norman Möschter

my promise

Like I said, the mountain quivers
and down our backs ran shivers.
Like I said, the world would tremble
as we sat by the light of your candle.
Like I promised, in the weak'ning light
you'll find a place that you will like
and there's going to be no finer one
and that is all what I have done.

But also I flooded all the world
in shimmering stars while you laid curled.
Like you wanted it to be.
Like you wanted it to be.
Your eyes closed tightly not to see.

I always wanted to know why
you laid curled and had to cry.
But you never told me,
like you ever told me.
My eyes closed tightly not to see.

Oh yes, surley, all things happened,
surely, all of them at once.
Like I said, I made your world
and I am glad you got a glance.

But it was you I couldn't hold
though, otherwise you told.
However, you have gone away.
You have gone and I must stay.

But now the world is made for you
and I dont know what is to do.
In a world just made for you
I really dont know what to do.


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Publicado en el 10.05.2014.


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