Maddiie Vali

Smiling Through Words


I know it's been a while,

Since you've seen my smile,
But it's because of you 
That it's returning,
Your love, 
It's more than anything 
I could ever wish for,
Knowing I'll see you
Gives me a reason to wake up,
Knowing I'll get to kiss your lips
Makes me jittery with excitement,
Knowing the second I see your face
I will have my attention on you.
Sometimes I cannot tell
What I love most,
Is it the piercing eyes you have?
The eyes that even back then
Made me melt?
Is it your sweet laugh?
The way you look at me?
I don't even know,
But I do know that you 
still blow me away.
How is it that you are 
The only one able to make me smile,
If I've had a hard day?
How is that you see me 
For who I am and what I want,
Believing in me all of the time?
No matter how much time 
has passed by now,
I want to experience life with you,
Still want you by my side,
I think that's what our love is,
Passionate, real, amazing.


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Publicado en el 10.01.2015.


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