Sue Honig



Give me purpose

Give me a smile

And some easiness



I want freedom

Can I just be free?

Just let me be me

It takes courage

And a strong reason



Let it be worth it

I want to be able

To appreciate

And to wonder



Give me the ability

To cherish you

And use you in the

Best possible manner


Let me be able

To make a difference

To be happy

To shine and grow

Into the best possible me



Set my heart on fire

So that I will do

What’s urgent and needed


Everybody has so much potential

Everybody can use his energy

To better things

When people are happy

And in touch with their deepest wish

They will flourish

And show their truest and best self

People can do great things

And live great lives

If they only dare greatly

If they have courage and determination

If they have a big reason

If they take responsibility

For themselves

For their life

And for this earth




Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Sue Honig.
Publicado en el 10.02.2018.


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