Paul Rudolf Uhl

Apocalypse now

Unserer Verwandtschaft in den USA hatte ich Bilder vom heurigen Hochwasser geschickt. Die betroffene Antwort fragte mich: Paul, is this global warming??? Ich schrieb zurück:



No, it isn’t only that … In Passau we get nearly each and every year a flood, every tree years it is bigger than else - and every ten years we have a horrible flood.

Reasons are difficult: the covering with asphalt, Beton a.s.o., even that they canalized many creeks and rivers, what follows the water runs quicker than in former times…

AND the global warming, resulting from pollution the air and the criminality of the politicians and the managers of the trusts:

“Let´s pollute the world! The more, the better for our moneybag…”! (And manhood will die)

Florida region will have to stand 20 horrible “Wirbelstorms” of Category 5 and 6 per year.

Maybe in ten years could stop the gulf-stream, a new ice age may follow, that´s ice reaches until New York and Rome.

Millions of Man will try to escape - immigrating to the southern areas and so there will be war, murdering and blood… 

The worst polluters are Japan, US and China. And manhood will die…

Do you know that joke (is it really only a joke?):

Two planets meet in the space. One says to the other (that´s the earth): “You look really bad – are you ill?”

“Yes, I`m ill, I have homo sapiens!” (that´s the manhood)

“Don’t be worry - that´s only a short sickness – it will be over in some years!”

Best wishes for you and your family!

from Paul


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