René Marczynski

Michael arises

Standing before the Leviathan
Fighting for the holy spirit
Brothers in arms, man by man
Flames of rage, it's cruel spit
By a vision we went there
In front a gigantic brutal beast
Surrounded by this nightmare
Will we suffer pain at least
Angels of damnation around
Endless hordes of shadows
Metal shattering,  bloody sound
Longbows fire silver arrows
God please send us a sign
Shouts of God's fallen knights
We call for arising sunshine
Many will die the coming nights
Leaving bravery and fading hope
Brothers fall by thousands to death
Then speaks our brother a pope
Evil forces fully filled with wrath
Suddenly a lightning strikes down
Death knights look like fallen kings
A figure wears on it's head a crown
An angel arises with golden wings
Here I am you awful shadow slayers
I am an archangel, Michael my name
God heard some despairing prayers
To wipe out all the shadows blame 

to be continued

Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de René Marczynski.
Publicado en el 17.12.2006.


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