Jasmine Shaw

The week before...


One art lesson a week today

No more weekend what a shame

Dreary old school back again

Although it doesn’t seem to bad because

Yasmina my best friend I get to see again


Every week this is our p.e class

Under benches and through the obstacles

Seemingly never ending

During this lesson

And eventually we finish

Yippee hooray!!!!


Even though it’s a half day

Doesn’t seem that way

Not only do we have science but

English as well

So hastily pack the school bag

Do so without a thought

All I need to do is get out

Yesterday was worse


Hurry up to the weeks close end

Under the watchful eye for only one more day

Ruled with a steel rod

Salvation will come

Distant as it may seem

All but a day away

Yesterday gave us hope for tomorrows the day.

Friday finally!

Really long wait

I wished hard and it came true

Daily prayers answered

Altogether wonderful

You and I it’s the holidays



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