Motsamai Maqadika

How do you feel tell me...

I feel like…
I've been given a second chance in life
We haven't met
But you make me feel blissful
...You talk,
I feel healed
You laugh to my jokes
I'm inspired to tell more
Can u see me drowning?
It's not fatal, it’s gratifying
The darkness is slowly fading,
Revealing your gaggling eyes and rosy face
 Fractures are casing my face
Ultimately I can afford to smile
I dance to the imaginary songs,
I dance to contentment
Life is giving me joy
Time is feeding me desire
I’ve by no means used a map before
…I’m inspired to track u down
I’m not a poet
…You make me deceive myself
Please tell me I’m dreaming,
I’m getting over myself here.


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Motsamai Maqadika.
Publicado en el 09.09.2010.


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