Jens Marquard


For some people vogue
is there to provoke,
the ordinary folk
orders clothes of a catalogue,
some sense a stroke
to their soul,
it might be a disorder
by people are getting broke,
like addiction to coke
or even of to smoke,
evermore welfare workers search the dialogue
that´s no joke, they ever since spoke
to the concerned ones,
of fortunately some already awoke,

It´s a movement going forward,
It´s expressed in many ways and sorts,
It once started with tailoring cords,
later and got-more-broad,
there have been dresses in sport
and fashion once was to dress short,
we´ve all reached a state of concord,
like there are dress-codes at airports,
designers of the clothing concord,
sometimes get awards
which are giving’em reward,

the industry of fashion
lets income cash and cash on,
cosmetic´s rather for a woman,
with mascara she puts her lash on
she prevents fashion crashes from
the beginning of being a victim on
else she´d weep with her face against her cushion, 


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Jens Marquard.
Publicado en el 18.11.2010.


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