Sarah Baxter

My Best Friend

Me and my best friend (Jake) have lived together for 2 years now. Jake has always been in love with me since we were 9. i tell him that we are too close to be together, but deep down i love him. I love him but i will never tell him we are 27 now. We are both single and sleep with in 50 feet of each other. my room is massive in comparison to his room so he spends most of his free time in mine. We spend anytime we have together.

"hey do you want to go get something to eat?" Jake was wearing dark denim jeans and a button up white shirt. He is absolutely perfect. he has dark brown hair that pales in comparison to his pale blue eyes. He was my dream guy, but he could never know that.
"Actually that would be great i have been working all day and haven't had a chance to eat. Let's go." When ever we go out people think we are together. And asked how long have we been married and Jake and I always laugh and smile and say we aren't together. One time some one asked if we were sure. Well I'm pretty sure I'm not married to my best friend.
We were two blocks away from our favorite restaurant. When Jake's and my life changed forever.

WE were on 46th street and Jake saw one of his ex girlfriends and she of coarse had to stop us and talk forever. So i told Jake i would be in my favorite store on the next street. As i walked away i could feel Jake's eyes watching me as he wished he could go with me. There is a dark creepy alley between where me and Jake where and the store. But i was never afraid of it because this area of town never had anyone at it. I felt like someone was watching me. Assuming it was Jake i shrugged it off. As i came to the alley I heard footsteps. Heavy footsteps. I kept walking. Then i greasy, dirty, smelly hand reached out and grabbed my arm while this persons other hand grabbed my mouth. The person pulled me to the ground and dragged me to the back of the alley. All i could think of was "OH MY GOD I HOPE SOMEONE SAW AND IS RUNNING TO SAVE ME!" I turned my head to try and see the person. and i saw it was a man in about his 50's probably homeless. I struggled for what seemed like hours to get this man away from me long enough to get out to the street and yell for help. I put my right hand in a fist and smacked the man in the face as many times as i could and he just hung on tighter. Then i bit his hand. It tasted worst then it smelled. And i screamed Jake's name as loud as i could. Then the man took a beer bottle and raised it above his head then i Blacked out.

When i woke up i was in a hospital room and saw Jake in a chair next to me.
"Sarah, oh my god your alive. You have been out for three days." There was a long pause and then it hit me a searing pain in my left shoulder and both my legs and my right arm. What happened to me. "Sarah, do you remember anything?" Through my pain i managed to shake my head no. " On your way to that shop you like a man pulled you into the alley and beat you with a bottle, and once you weren't moving he beat you up pretty bad."
I wasn't grasping any of this. I had no recollection of this. So many questions came to me, Why didn't i fight back? Where is this ass hole? Three days? What kind of sissy am i? With all these questions came emotions. All i could do was cry.
"Oh Sarah don't cry baby, it's all over now. I'm here for you."
Then i blacked out again. Two days i woke up again. Jake told me that I shattered my shoulder, broke my arm, and both my legs had been kicked so bad they were basically one bruise. With hundreds of bruises from my face to my toe. About an hour later a nurse brought me food. i couldn't eat. they told me i had to because i hadn't eaten in 5 days. but i couldn't. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks after that because i kept going in and out of conciseness. while i was awake they would tell me another horrible thing that happened to me. and i didn't want to think about it. I wanted to pretend it never happened. When i went into the hospital i weight 115 lbs. the day i left i weighed 90 lbs. But not eating for almost 3 weeks helps. When i finally left Jake had to lift me into the car. I felt like a child. Jake was silent the whole ride home. I couldn't talk or else i would have. i was too tired and depressed about how helpless i was. When we got back i tried to get out of the car and Jake ran faster than i had ever seen him run to my door to help me i told him i didn't need help. regardless he scooped me up in one motion and carried me in. Any other day i could have gotten away but i was to beat down.
I feel asleep in his arms. I woke up about 3 hours later and Jake was sitting on the chair by my TV in my room. I was in so much pain it was unbearable but i wouldn't complain, because complaining is a sign of weakness. so i just laid there. Then Jake started talking and i shut my eyes. He didn't know i was awake.
"Its my fault. why didn't i go with her or tell her to wait? I did this to her."
I want ed to get up and go to Jake and tell him it wasn't his fault but mine for being so helpless. I tried to get up i managed to stand up then i collapsed. Damn.
"Sarah what are you doing?!"
He tried to help me up and i pushed him away.
"Sarah let me help you."
"I don't need help. i already have wasted 3 weeks of your life. And need your help for every thing. I'm fine."
"Sarah i have to help you. and you haven't wasted any of my time i was there for you because i wanted to be."
I just sat silently trying to get up. It was pointless so i just laid there. and closed my eyes. Everything hurt so badly. Jake picked me up and carried me to the armchair by the TV. then he left. About 5 minutes he came back with about 5 pills and a glass of water.
"here you go."
"Umm no"
"you have to. they are pain killers You must be in so much pain, come on please."
"no. I'm fine i feel great."
"yeah sure...... please at least take one."
"No I'm not in any pain at all."
"I would force them down your thought if you weren't so.." He cut himself off. I knew what he was going to say.
" So beat up right?"
"What? You were thinking that weren't you? You know I'm not as helpless as i seem. I'm fine no drugs will change that."
"OK well do you need anything?"
" Nope I'm just gonna go take a shower and-"
"sit down let me take you in there or i will make you take the pills."
He picked me up and brought me to the master bathroom in his room. And set me on the ground while he started the bath tub. For the first time in weeks i saw what i looked like. I had bruises from head to toe and a couple of stitches on my lip and above my eye. then i couldn't look anymore. Then i heard the water stop and i expected Jake to leave. Then he picked me up and set me on the edge of the tub. then he started to take my top off.
"helping you take a bath." he said it as if he had been petting a puppy and i smacked him for it. As if nothing was wrong with it. i didn't even know what to do.
"no way, leave."
"look we have known each other since we were kids so this isn't a big deal OK?"
Wow i was speech less. I didn't know what to do or what to think.
"Leave i can do the rest myself. thanks" I said this while waving I'm off to leave
'what if i close my eyes??"
"ugh you are lucky that i feel very disgusting and need to bathe."
So he closed his eyes and continued to help me undress and get into the bath tub.
"OK go over there and turn the other direction while you wait." I said this thinking he would leave and go into his room.
"OK whatever you wish." clearly i was wrong and don't have any luck. He went and sat on the floor. i closed my eyes and sank into the tub.
"you know Sarah you are going to need to eat something soon, so what do you want?"
"I'm not hungry"
"what are you never going to eat again? Please what about just a smoothie?"
"i told you I'm not hungry."
"Sarah you have to eat eventually. you are going to die if you don't eat or drink or take your medicine."
I sank. I went all the way under water and just wanted to stay there forever. Under water i don't have to think about anything, Especially me dieing. I heard him talking to me but i couldnt understand because of the water. then his arm pulled me out.
"Sarah! Can you hear me? Sarah!?" Then i started coughing water, i must have been under longer than i thought. Then i relized i couldnt breath.
Then i passed out. wow i have been doing that alot latley.
I woke up on the bathroom floor with a towel wrapped aroud me in jake's arms.
"Sarah you have to stop doing that you are scaring me. You need to eat something it will help i promise. So will taking your medicine."
"Ok fine ill take it but just for you, not because im in pain."
"Fine i believe you, ill help you get dressed then we will go down stairs."
"Down stairs?"
"Yep dont worry i will carry you." He said this with a smile on his face like a child that just found his favorite toy that had been lost for months. "Ok, so about getting dressed..."
"Whats your plan?" I said with the same look on my face as his.
"Close your eyes and pretend im not here?" He said this like it was a statement but also a question. so i just closed my eyes and tried to supress this meomery. i just kept saying "at work at work at work" in my head. Next thing i know we are on our way down stairs.
"Im sorry you have to do everything for me like im a child, i mean i cant even move myself."
"Sarah i know that of this was me you would do the same, and actually...."
"Actually what?"
"Well.. I... feel like this was my fault because you know i didnt have to talk to her and i should have stayed with you or made you wait and i really love you and seeing you like this kills me so i want to do everything i can to help you."
"HEy... I love you too."
Thats when we kissed for the first time it felt like a scene out of a movie. and it was a good thing he had just set me on the couch because im afaid he would have dropped me. Kissing him was like no other kiss i had ever had. It was liike i was kissing my soul mate. i never believed that you could see and hear fireworks when kissing someone, but thats exactly what happend to me.

"There I took a pill will you stop worring now?" i said this with a sny look on my face just to bother jake.
"I will never stop worrying about you."

the end
sorry for any mistakes i may have made this is my first story :)


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