Parrish Broadnax II

Caged in

A doctor had a pet rat that he would poke and torture every so often to kill time. After he was done, he would feed the poor rat a very small piece of an apple slice while he ate the rest of the apple splice and the apple in front of the rat. The rat would eat the piece of apple and stay in the corner of the cage hoping that the torture was done for the day. The doctor enjoyed every part.

One night, the man was asleep, his house had been broken into and he was taken away. When he awoke, he was surrounded by darkness with only a "Godlike" like above him. The man was tortured to no end. He was whipped, burned, cut and they had done much more to him. The man would scream " Why me! Why do you torture me!? I am but a simple doctor!" He would say, but a there was never anything said back, there was only darkness.

Days became months, months became years. The man was near death, laid out on the floor. He gazed at the light, still shining bright as if it was becoming even brighter. He look back into the darkness and with the little energy he had left he said "Please, W-Who are you?"out of the darkness came a rat, the rat had an apple slice in its mouth and ran off back into the darkness...The man broke into tears


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