Joseph Trance

Final War--The Conclusion

I moved my gaze from the hills back to her.  But” Rebecca” was gone. Warts now covered “its” face, the small frame had become a hunchback, and the red hair formed into two sharp horns.  Green drool seeped from its mouth as it stared at me.   I could feel a mind wrap forming around me like a straight jacket.
“No.”  I said.
I flexed in my mind and felt the grip loosen.
“Yes.”  it said.
Again the jacket, stronger this time, and then a forearm against my throat in a choke hold.
I tried to break the hold by physically flexing but it didn’t loosen.  I gasped for breath and it laughed.
I could now feel it behind me. 
“Got you.”  It said.  Rancid stench filled my nostrils as drool slid down the back of my neck.  I felt the life drain out from me as the choke hold tightened. 
My vision blurred and I made a conscious effort to blink.  My mind raced looking for a way out.  I tried to remember all my training but couldn’t.  All that I knew was gone.   There was a wall in my head and I couldn’t get past it.  Fear welled up inside of me and I broke out in a sweat.
I felt it sniff.   “Mmmmmm.  Good. “    Then I felt a slimy tongue lick the sweat off my neck.
“More.”  It said, and the choke and jacket got tighter like it was squeezing the sweat out of me.
I closed my eyes.  Done.    Defeated.  I felt my body go limp.  And in that moment I knew I had screwed up, big time.   I should have never come into the place that way.  I should have never thought that I could just walk in there… bold.  I should have done more research.  It was right.  The battle was not of flesh and bone.  I had forgotten that.  I had let Pride get the best of me, thinking I just waltz right in there.  Big mistake and I was going to die because of it. A flood of regret washed over me.  I regretted being so Prideful so stupid…….. “ Father  God, forgive me.    Into your hands I commend…”
“NO!!!”   It screamed.  “NOooooooooo!!!”  The grip loosened, the choke hold slipped.
I could…breathe.   I gasped for breath and smell…a burning.   My eyes snapped opened, and I was gazing out the window onto the Hills.  And that’s when I saw them; the chariots and warring angles descending the Hills on white horses.  A trumpet sounded and they charged.  Then there was a burst of screams throughout the whole facility.  It sounded like a riot was breaking out.
“AAAHHHHHHHHHH!”  It yelled.
I turned around to see it backing up.  The arm that had choked me was on fire.  The warts were melting as it retreated.  A beam of bright light shot from the Hills through the window. “ It”  screamed as the white light set it on fire.  It screamed as it burned in the light.  I watched and waited.   And then I knew.
There was nothing that I had that could defeat the enemy in this final war.  It wasn’t about what I could or couldn’t do.  I had nothing to offer here.  The only thing I could do was let go of everything , and depend solely on the help that He could give me.  That was the real “final War”.   I turned again to look out the window and saw the angles surrounding the place. 
Then I heard it… in my head, a confirmation of my realization.  “The battle belongs to the Lord.” 
(2 Chronicles 20). 

Here is the conclusion of "Final War." I am making an effort to finish some of the stories that I started. I decided to to st with Final War because of some of my own current battles.Comentario del autro


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