Enrique Catalán Salgado

The knight and the mirror!

In a not far away place
in a not very long time,
there was a knight
in a castle
walking around the hall
and wondering himself
the reasons that could explain
why a true love never comes
when you more need it there.
And wondering those questions
he finded with himself:
was a mirror, magic mirror!
and remembering old tales
and desperate as was
he asked without doubt:
Mirror mirror on the wall
I am seeking a true love...
Where is it? Do you know it?,
¡if you know it I must know!
I have the answer to your question
-the mirror said to the lover-
the love that you are searching
its turning around the corner.
Do I know her?
-the lover asked exited for the answer-
Sure you know her! and she knows you!
so run fast at her side... and find your answer.
Then the knight was surprised
when he arrived to the place...
there was the beauty princess!,
Could be that the correct place?.
Theres no doubt, the place was correct,
but could be that the real true love?
Is it possible that the princess
with a knight could fall in love?
But the mirror on the wall
at the botton of the hall
as powerful and magic
never could be wrong.
So the knight talked to the princess,
the princess he always loved!,
without know that its Majesty
also with him was in love.
And the other things that happens
are extremately known...
they were married, they were happy,
forever and ever, and even more.
What's her name? She´s name is Yeral,
She is the prettiest one,
the one who rules in the heart
of that lucky knight...
and who was the knight of the tale?
That was me!, and all I am 
and all I own
I bring it to my princess...
here's my life,
here's my heart,
Oh dear Lady...
Here's your loyal knight!

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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 08.09.2005.


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