Joseph Trance

Lift The Veil

    There are a lot of things being said about this year of 2012.  Some say it is the last year of our earthly existence.    Some say it is the year when the World will end.  I don’t believe that.  What I do believe is that this year will be a year of great shifts and changes.  It will be a year of surprises and we will see things that we have never seen before.   What I do believe is that this year we will see the veil between the seen and unseen being lifted.  2012 is the year when the crack widens between the earthly and spiritual realms.  The battle between Good and Evil, Darkness and Light will be defined as never before , and The Choice is being demanded of all of us:  Where do You stand?  Which way are You going to go?  We are coming to the forefront of Time’s Battle Ground.  Time stretches out before each one of us and eternity waits.  What you do in This Season, will determine your place in Eternity;  Heaven or Hell, Eternal Light or Darkness.
  There will be skeptics who will question the reality of what I am saying.  Those who believe that there is no Spiritual Battle, there is no God, or devil, and that an afterlife is truly an imagined thing, or a device conceived by our minds to give us some comfort that all does not end here.   Everything in me tells me that there Must be something more than this earthly existence.  And I know more clearly than ever before, that my True nature is that I am a Spiritual being, housed in an earthly body.  I know  that I did not evolve from apes, or that I am not some random mix of atoms, neutrons, DNA, that “just happened to evolve”, into the person that I am.  I do not believe that Life is Random or that we are caught in some whirlwind of Chances, Luck or which way the wind blows, or that Circumstances are beyond us.  I do not believe in the “deal the hand that you were given,” or” sometimes you win sometimes you lose theories either. “  I do not believe that “All Roads Lead to God,”  or that ” God Loves everyone so much that we will “ALL go to Heaven,”  despite what we choose to do.  The line between Light and Darkness is too clear to believe any of those things.  I say “NO!”  to all those ”imaginations.”
  What I do believe is that there is One True God.  One.  Not many.  I believe His nature is expressed in 3 ways, The  Trinity;  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I believe in God the Father I , who created us out of Love.  I believe that He has a divine plan for everyone one of us, and that we were created to reflect the most important aspect of who He is; His Love.  We are His Love.  Before we were ever born, created, or conceived , I believe that that was His plan…for everyone.  I believe that He so loved the world and sent His son, Jesus Christ, for remission of the Sin of Adam and Eve.   I believe that Jesus died for our sins, and He that He rose from the dead.  And I believe that anyone who believes in Jesus and accepts Him as Lord and Savior will have eternal Life.   I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter who is the Spirit of God.   And I believe that when we allow the Holy Spirit to move through us, we can do all the things that Jesus did and more.   I believe that the Bible, Is the inspired word of God, and that everything in it is True.
    I know that there are those of you out there that are screaming in your heads how can I believe such nonsense in the midst of Death, Chaos, confusion, “natural disasters,”  evil, and all the unexplained “why bad things happen to good people”, and all those other “it just doesn’t make any sense” situations that are filling your head.  And what I say to that is there is an enemy.  Satan, devil, the evil one, whatever name you choose, he exists and is real.  And he is on a mission to “kill, steal and destroy.”  And the enemy will do anything to destroy the plan of God in your life. 
  So…what do you do with all of it?  If this really is a year of such great changes and shifts, where do you go and what do you do?   If this really  is a time of choosing between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, how do I start?   First, ask God, the Father, to lead you.   Ask Him. He knows which way you should go and what you should do.  He made a plan for you and has had it in place before you were ever born.  He already has ordered your steps .  He has a plan for your Life.  So ask Him.  
“But what if I don’t believe?”   What if I don’t believe in God, and don’t believe anything that you have said?  What if I think that all this is crazy talk and a bunch of nonsense?”
Then here is my suggestion, if you don’t believe any of this, any of what I have said,
 I challenge you to do something.  I challenge you to LIFT THE VEIL…right now.  I challenge you to make a move and step over the line of your unbelief.  Ready?  Ask God to prove Himself.  Right now… ask Him to show Himself to you.  Go ahead..and ask.  I know He will.  If you really seek Him, if you really want to know one way or another, then ask Him to prove Himself to you.  Ask him to show himself…somehow…in a way you will know and understand,  just to let you know He is real.   He Will answer you.  Ask Him, and wait and see what He does.  He WILL show Himself.
    And after He does, after God Proves Himself to you.   Get a Bible.  Read it. Start with the Book of John.  Find a Holy Spirit filled church.  Find a church that believes in God the Father who Loves you, His Son, Jesus Christ , who died for you,  and The Holy Spirit who wants to  work through you.  Connect with that person that has been trying to tell you about a relationship with God.    Go to that place you have heard about where they pray and worship God the Father, and where the Holy Spirit has Freedom to move through “ those people. “   You know who I am talking about   Find a church that believes in a relationship with God the Father, as opposed to rituals and religion.  Find a place that is God-Presence Driven, and be part of it.
    God has so many wonderful things waiting for you.  2012 is a year of shifts and changes.    The time is now.  The choice is yours.  Eternity awaits.  Heaven or Hell?   You decide.   Go on…Lift The Veil.


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