Maddiie Vali


Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth.

She tried to scream,

She tried to escape,

She couldn’t.

She’s alone, only eighteen.

From an abusive household,

Always feeling hurt,

Thinking she has to hide her past to avoid trouble.

The secrets from home, making her paranoid.


Always watching out,

Until the assault.

Kicking and screaming, being yanked into a car.

She dropped onto the asphalt,

She was shoved in with bloody knees,

She remembers it all.

Thrashed across her head, slowly losing consciousness.

Shrieking for help with a developing rasp,

She is ravished,


Alone in an alley, disposed of like trash.

Struggling to remain sentient,

Dragging herself onto the street,

She is found quickly.

A year later, in a mental hospital.

She’s confused and helpless from this bad memory,

She thinks they are after her again,

She’s lost herself to psychosis.



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Publicado en el 11.04.2013.


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