Peter Ahlhorn

A seed had been planted

A seed had been planted
And it felt a strange longing
towards something it did not yet fully understand
But it started to follow this longing
and after some time in utter darkness there came illumination.
Rays of sun hit the seed
which had already become a small plant
and all of a sudden the seed realized that this was the source of its longings.
And the little seed decided
that it wanted to give something back.
So it put every effort into growing into a beautiful tree
so the sun might admire its branches and leaves and be joyful.
For the seed felt a deep gratitude towards the sun
that had helped to escape the darkness the seed was imprisoned in.
And the seed grew into one of the most beautiful trees around
and many people enjoyed the shade and shelter of its branches
and many animals called the seed their home.


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Publicado en el 21.08.2013.


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