Ursula Brieke-Brinkmann

Letting go

Can I let go?
I think I must
let go of many things ...
views of myself,
dreams of the past
that seem to spread their wings.
Views of myself,
of energy,
of power and of will -
the old view
of a healthy me
that takes decisions still.
Dreams of the past,
of joy and fun
with someone I thought close,
yet now I see
you have begun
to walk the path you chose.
Two generations,
struggling each,
you're young, I'm not too old.
But I feel weak,
you're out of reach
sometimes, and I feel cold.
I must let go
of you and me
and find a substitute
for dreams of old
and harmony
that are  no longer good.
But first of all ... let go.

I wrote this poem about adolescence some time ago in Croatia, when I realized how much different life had become for a mother who was no longer as fit as she wanted to be and a child growing up and starting to live her / his own life.Comentario del autro


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