Antonio Justel Rodriguez


... from the south came Araí,
of crimson and purple skies,
of its living springs;
in divine basket brought pain of stone and water,
- and that of the air –
and there she was, already, without blemish and like a mythical and divine bride,
chalice of all roses;
... Herfás saw her over the sea in the afternoon and she recognized him
by her light among lilies;
…and oh the hidden splendor of the god,
oh the tenderness of the loving arms under the flight of the elm,
and oh, oh the enormous, the immeasurable taste of the chest!
in indescribable emulsion of souls they instituted her flower of life,
his dream and the truth of it;
…and still, still the gates of the night would remain open, still, still.
Antonio Justel

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Publicado en el 25.03.2023.


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