Hendrik Sollich


Let me perform for you a marvellous trick
One you might truly find to be fine
I'll hand you the moon on a stick
And have all the stars glitter and shine
Stay here with me or else you will miss
I'll sing an inaudible song
Give it to you along with a kiss
And bordom and sadness are gone
I keep the treasure of love
The sun and the sky and the seas
Bed you in clouds from above
Ask only that you may be pleased
The world can be here in your hand
The wonders behind of all veils
You have only a bag full of sand
This sand is the time that remains
So go, roam where ever you wish
I'll mould the world the way that you want
Create gods in your image
Till you will awake and I will be gone


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Publicado en e-Stories.org el 29.10.2006.


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