Meike Schrut

Ancient times and today...

Elizabeth Blount?
Although no painting exists on this woman
She cannot have been ugly
Henry VIII was hardly interested for
Really dull women on his side
It was not a miracle
The fact that Bessie bore to him a child
King's son, - he would be become old enough -
Could king absolutely have become?
Bessie no queen has been
And sometime one has found substitute with them.
There was a man who was called so similarly as today
The special for whom I find too many words
And itself even does not hold for something special.
Edward Clinton, 1. Earl of Lincoln - an Earl, this seems to be quite great
But how still differently he called:
Edward Fiennes de Clinton
With the Earl came in 1572.
And also in 1066 such a year, as I got to know
(Where from also always this curiosity came)
As far as back another family hardly
Can look.
Or is it quite natural in the United Kingdom?
Seems to me, to HIM it completely makes no difference
Of the not more Earl are called acts and also de Clinton
Already somewhere else remained
Today he bows as a cousin of a prince
Before the queen.
May be, she smiles at him gentle or mildly
Who knows this already.
Yes, also he has to bend
And will hardly dare to direct the first word to them.
Did I wish that he learns humility if he does not have them then at all?
His life was difficult enough before times
He learnt more than some want to learn
Too certainly he never feels
Means to fail, however, he does not do this.
Yes, I say without thinking this so easily
Without knowing his being really.
Do I want this?
I do not know it.



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Publicado en el 09.12.2009.


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