Sonali Roy

To My Dream boy

I have gone through a long space,
But neither heard from you,
Nor saw your face-
Seemingly playing chess
With my confessed innocence;
But always feeling the fragrance
Of your love's excellence
I go alone in the race.

When my leaves came out,
I wished to shout
In joy to you, but
Something choked in my throat
And made me send message to you-
Speaking millions of words
Without acceptance but silence.

From the then upset, every second and minute,
I seek for shelter
In my cell
For just a single word from you,
But always failed,
And still failures give me a warm salute
In my dream and deed,
And make me sick;
But, o my darling,
How long we should be
In hide and seek!
The heart's feeling
From its sapling, is getting nourished day by day,
But gets weak in this month of May.

You remember, lovee,
Once you felt hot in June,
And I wanted to sprinkle cold water on you-
But all is lost in this July
For the stars' faces ugly
Playing roles so tricky
With my innocent love
That I am loosing my nerve
Day by day-
To hear from you just a single say
That can pacify my heated soul
With its divine gentleness!


Todos los derechos pertenecen a su autor. Ha sido publicado en a solicitud de Sonali Roy.
Publicado en el 10.08.2013.


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